TORONTO -- Dual Canadian-British citizens continue to face uncertainty as the Brexit deadline is extended again to January 31.

As the U.K. moves closer to a divorce deal with the European Union there are still unanswered questions on how this will affect the current freedom of movement, work and access to public healthcare enjoyed by U.K. passport holders in other EU countries.

Bellissimo Law Group immigration lawyer Chi-Young Lee shares her recommendations for dual citizens, in the event that Brexit means Brits lose their right to reside or work in the EU.

“If you’re a U.K. citizen or a Canadian then dust off the old family photo album to see if there is any family connections for any other E.U. countries, getting those citizenships under the belt,” Lee told CTV’s Your Morning on Wednesday.

CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and EU member states, could be another route for “U.K. citizens that do lose EU citizenship to go and work abroad.”

“If Canada provides a trade agreement or some sort of ability for you to work then you don’t need your U.K. citizenship to start a business or work as a professional in some EU countries,” Lee said.

But Lee warned that Brexit could result in added customs tariffs and duties on U.K.-Canadian goods and services.

“This would increase the cost of doing business and potentially elimination of their (dual citizens) ability to do business there (EU),” Lee said.

“If the customs or tariffs increase I would say stockpile your U.K. gin and whisky, and if you don’t drink, your Marmite.”

Some EU countries like Austria do not allow dual citizenship, Lee explained.

New figures from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development show Brits applying for EU citizenship has jumped by 600 per cent since 2015, the year before the British public voted for Brexit.

The British parliament on Tuesday approved an early general election, set for December 12, that politicians hope will break the Brexit deadlock.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes his Conservative Party will win a majority and break the stalemate that blocked his plan to take Britain out of the EU this month.

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