A profanity-filled argument between a Saskatchewan bus driver and a pedestrian has gone viral and reportedly led to the driver’s suspension.

A video of the heated confrontation that took place outside the University of Saskatchewan transit hub was posted on YouTube Thursday and it has since received more than 11,000 hits.

The argument took place in Saskatoon Thursday morning and appears to have started after the pedestrian stepped in front of the bus, causing the bus driver to honk.

“Are you stupid, you don’t know where the crosswalks are?” the driver said.

When the man then refuses to move from in front of the bus, the driver asked: “Does someone want to drag this (expletive) away from my bus?”

A couple of bystanders then approach the man and attempt to pull him away from the bus. At one point the man asks someone to call 911.

After pulling the pedestrian away, the bus immediately drives off. One of the bystanders is then shown pushing the man, causing him to slip on the ice and fall to the road.

Saskatoon Transit said they are conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

The Twitter-verse also chimed in on the matter, with some users pledging their support for “Team Bus Driver” while others support “Team Pedestrian.”