A portion of the thousands of dollars raised in the wake of a Quebec girl’s death will be given to an organization whose founder has links to far-right groups.

Two weeks ago, a seven-year-old girl from Granby, Que. was found dead. Her father and stepmother were charged in the case.

Her father and stepmother have both been charged with forcible confinement, and the stepmother was also charged with aggravated assault. None of the allegations against them has been proven in court.

The girl’s name is subject to a publication ban because she was a minor.

After the girl’s death, her grandmother and cousin set up a GoFundMe page which has raised just under $12,000.

But according to the description on the page, a quarter of that money will actually be going to a group calling itself the "Citizens' Anti-Corruption Investigation Unit.” Its founder, Mario Roy, has ties to far-right and anti-immigration groups such as La Meute and Storm Alliance.

Roy told CTV News Montreal his ties to those groups are irrelevant and mentioning them was defamatory.

"I am a member of Storm Alliance. I was even deputy leader of La Meute, but the only connection between those organizations and this one is that Storm Alliance raises money for my anti-corruption investigation unit," he said in a phone interview.

He also called the province’s youth protection system a "child abduction network.”

"In the case of the little girl, we have proof that the grandparents said it wasn't safe and no one listened. We're not conspiracy theorists. We have proof the system is corrupt," Roy said.



Roy said he’s expected to meet with the deceased girl’s grandmother on Thursday, when he’ll presumably receive a $3,000 cheque from her.

The grandmother didn’t respond to CTV News Montreal’s requests for comment.

In a statement, GoFundMe said it's working closely with her to make sure people who donated know exactly where their funds are going.

"All funds raised will get to the right place or donors will get a refund," the company told CTV Montreal.

The child’s death has prompted widespread outrage.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault prompted a public inquiry and the regional director of youth protection was suspended, after it was revealed Youth Protection Services had known about earlier instances of abuse involving the girl.

The province’s public inquest -- ordered at the beginning of the month -- is just one of several, with others being announced by the regional health authority in Quebec's Eastern Townships, the province's human and youth rights commission and a criminal probe led by Quebec provincial police.