TORONTO -- Residents in much of southwestern Alberta are breaking out snow shovels today while some in Ontario prepare for an October blast of heat.

Almost 100 cm of snow blanketed areas of the western province over the weekend in what has been dubbed another “Snowtember,” when record snowfall buried Calgary in 2014.

“The weather is crazy. It was summer last week,” said one woman in Cardston, Alta., which got more than 70 cm of snowfall.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, it is expected to feel like summer again Tuesday when temperatures hit near 30 C, with humidity making it feel closer to 40 C.

Snowfall and winter storm warnings remain in effect in Alberta (and parts of Saskatchewan) from Medicine Hat to Calgary, where up to 10 cm more is expected today after the city accumulated more than 30 cm overnight. Reports from Waterton Lakes National Park said as much as 95 cm of snow fell during the storm. The snow will taper off Monday afternoon, according to Environment Canada, and Tuesday will bring sun and temperatures above 0 C.

The snow caused havoc on Calgary roads where more than 200 accidents, causing dozens of injuries, kept crews busy in the last 24 hours. Road travel was not advised and several schools outside Calgary were closed. While the snowfall is immense, the fact that temperatures aren’t too low is a help, city spokeswoman Tara Norton told CTV News Calgary.

“The crews are mostly dealing with slush right now which is pretty good for them,” she said. “It would be a totally different situation if it was (-20 C) out, but right now the weather is holding and they're making really good progress.”

Some in Alberta were dismayed by the September snowfall, sharing images online of snow-topped lawn furniture and yard stick measurements. But it’s not atypical for the province, said Calgary bureau chief for the Weather Network Kyle Brittain. Snowfall has been known to come as late as May or even June, and as early as September.

“It’s not unusual in that regard but it’s very unusual in just the sheer amounts, he said on CTV News Channel from Waterton, Alta. “To have a metre of snow this early on is incredible.” He added that most of the snow east of the Rocky Mountains is expected to melt this week.


  • Vancouver: 17 C sunny
  • Calgary: 0 C snow
  • Whitehorse: 11 C chance of showers
  • Yellowknife: 7 C mainly sunny
  • Saskatoon: 3 C snow
  • Winnipeg: 8 C period of rain
  • Toronto: 18 C chance of showers
  • Montreal: 16 C mainly cloudy
  • Halifax: 14 C mainly sunny
  • St. John’s: 9 C chance of showers