CALGARY -- Alberta Progressive Conservatives are chiding the Wildrose party over comments on the party's Facebook page by people angry at Leader Danielle Smith for attending a Sikh parade.

Photos taken at the Calgary event earlier this month show Smith wearing a head scarf while she stands smiling with members of the Sikh community.

Two comments were, "I like you, but this photo is inappropriate. You represent Alberta, not India. When did Wildrose change?", and "If you emulate the Muslim faith, I will NEVER vote for you."

Service Alberta Minister Manmeet Bhullar said in a news release Wednesday that such racism and bigotry has no place in Alberta, adding that if the Wildrose had changed, it would have not left them up for nearly a week.

Bhullar said he was at the parade with Smith and it was "extremely disappointing" that she hadn't commented on the postings.

Smith apologized, saying her party should have been more diligent in moderating their comment page over the long weekend, but as soon as they saw the postings, they removed them.