Small knives up to six centimetres long are now allowed on most Canadian and international flights but baby powder is banned.

The revised rules from Transport Canada, which took effect on Monday, also lift a ban on certain powders and granular material above 350 millilitres -- roughly the size of a pop can.

Transport Canada said permitted blades are up to six centimetres in length.

Blades of any length will continue to be banned on U.S.-bound flights. Razor blades and box cutters of any size remain banned on all flights.

Baby powder, bath salts, sea salt, foot powder, cooking powder and sand are among the prohibited powders. Items such as baby formula, protein powder, tea and coffee will still be permitted in any quantity.

Transport Canada announced the updated security regulations earlier this month. The agency said the changes will bring Canada’s policies more in line with international guidelines.

The directive from federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau was not well received in Quebec. The province’s legislature passed a motion against the decision on Nov. 22.

Garneau maintains that security experts agree that small knives do not pose a significant threat. He previously suggested Quebec’s national assembly may be misinformed on the issue.

With files from The Canadian Press