Don't be that driver who hits a puddle at full speed, sending a towering wave of slush splashing over hapless nearby pedestrians.

That's the message a Regina father wants to share, after a careless driver drenched his wife and infant son on a mild day in the city.

Marshall Pelletier shared a photo of his son after the incident on Monday, which happened while his wife was pulling the infant in a sled on the sidewalk. The image shows an infant wearing a light blue toque, and covered in a blue blanket. The hat and the blanket are both speckled with brown slush. One particularly large drop of slush appears to have hit the brim of the child's toque, right near his eye.

"A car was on the inside lane and splashed them both," Pelletier told CTV Regina.

Splashing pedestrians is prohibited under bylaws in Regina and Saskatoon, with offenders required to pay a fine and attend a court date to explain themselves to a judge.

"The bylaw is there, and if we have evidence, we can lay the ticket," Elizabeth Popowich, of the Regina Police Service, told CTV Regina. "But the truth is, it is a difficult one to pursue and prosecute."

Police need descriptions of the driver and the vehicle, as well as a licence plate number to issue a ticket. But it's not always easy to jot down those details when you're wiping slush out of your eyes.

"Most of your attention right after would be focused on the shock, the cold, getting water off of your face or clothing," Popowich acknowledged. "So you may not notice those details."

But, whether there's a bylaw in place or not, Pelletier says drivers should simply be more conscientious about pedestrians, especially when there's a lot of water on the road.

"I was more just kind of sad and disappointed," Pelletier said. "The person wouldn't even stop or slow down."

With files from CTV Regina