It was a reunion 47 years in the making.

Two sisters that were placed in separate foster homes in Nova Scotia nearly five decades ago were reunited this weekend.

Sandra Barron was five and her sister Eva Rushton was two when they last saw each other in a Nova Scotia courthouse. They were placed in two separate fosters homes, and eventually Barron re-located to Ontario.

"I never quite fit into foster care. I always felt alone," Rushton told CTV Atlantic.

Rushton said she first tried to find her sister when she was 18, and again when she was 26, but she didn't get very far as it was against provincial policies to disclose information about her sister's whereabouts.

Barron said she moved to Ontario as a teenager in hopes of reuniting with her birth mother.

"Time goes by and before you know it, you're older. A lot of years have gone by," she said.

This past winter, Rushton turned to Facebook to help in her search for her sibling.

She created the "Missing Sister Rushton" page last February, which got 13,000 shares in just a few days. It caught Barron's attention.

The two have since stayed in constant contact through phone, text or via Facebook.

On Saturday, Barron touched down in Nova Scotia, and the two say they're looking forward to getting to know each other.

"It's like a puzzle and the missing piece is there, and I've got all I need now," Barron said. "It's nice to say you know your family."

With a report from CTV Atlantic