A large group of Halifax, N.S. landlords is voicing their concern about the prospect of renters growing and smoking marijuana in their units when the federal government’s plan to legalize marijuana comes to fruition.

The Investment Property Owners of Nova Scotia (IPOANS), whose members own nearly half of the apartments in Halifax, told CTV Atlantic that they’re especially worried about tenants growing pot in their properties.

“It is the biggest issue we’ve faced,” Jeremy Jackson, president of IPOANS, said. “The normal apartment is not geared, electrically, ventilation-wise, they’re not geared for that sort of grow op.”

Advocates for marijuana legalization, however, say using air filtration systems can address landlords’ concerns and destroy any pot odour.

Chris Enns, a supporter for pot legalization, compared the issue to any other dispute that might pop up between neighbours in an apartment building.

“The individual who lets his dog bark all day, people who use really potent spices that might be nauseating for one, but sensually pleasurable for another,” Enns listed.