BEAUHARNOIS, Que. -- The ship that ran aground in the St. Lawrence Seaway near Beauharnois, Que., on Friday has been freed without incident.

A spokesman for Ocean, a marine services company, says it took two tugboats about 30 minutes to free the CWB Marquis late Friday.

The Canadian-owned bulk carrier ran aground about 35 kilometres south of Montreal early Friday after hitting a large floe of ice.

The spokesman said the grounding incident was minor and it was not difficult to free the vessel.

No immediate damage was observed, and the ship left under its own power.

The vessel was inspected by a Transport Canada representative and was allowed to continue its route to Hamilton.

It will receive an underwater examination after it arrives.

According to the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp., the vessel is owned by CWB, the former Canadian Wheat Board.

Its departure Thursday through the St. Lambert Lock marked the official opening of the Seaway's 57th navigation season.