Moving can be a long and difficult process for anyone, but for one Saskatoon family it’s become a nightmare they can’t seem to wake up from.

Despite relocating to Saskatoon from Toronto in early June, the Irshad family is still waiting for their personal belongings.

The family said it hired CK Moving company to bring their items to Saskatoon by June 29. Their things never arrived.

Hamas Irshad told CTV Saskatoon that she called the company several times to inquire about their belongings but never got a straight answer.

First the company told them the delay was due to a mechanical issue, another time they told the family their items had been sent to another location, said Irshad.

“The excuses kept changing every week, so we got really frustrated,” said Irshad.

Without the comforts of their home, the Irshad family has had to get by with a few necessary items.

Since June they have been getting by with an air mattress, a computer, a few items of clothing and a small collection of dishes.

“Everything we need was in the truck,” said Irshad.

The family says the company told them their stuff would arrive on Aug. 10. When that day came and passed, the company changed the date to Aug. 15.

CK Moving initially told the family they would be receiving a discount for the delay, but after CTV Saskatoon called the company, the company said the move would be provided free of charge.

Despite this conciliatory gesture, the family is skeptical of the company’s latest promised delivery date.

“Yes I am anxious. I actually told him that when Monday comes or Tuesday or Wednesday comes, you will be giving me one of the excuses -- mechanical issues or weather issues,” said Irshad.

“Until I see it, I won’t believe that it’s actually here.”

The family said if their items do not arrive by Wednesday, they will take the company to small claims court.

With a report from CTV Saskatoon's John Baglieri