HALIFAX -- Canada's fleet of aging Sea King helicopters is being allowed into the air again after one was damaged this week.

The Royal Canadian Air Force grounded the fleet after one Sea King helicopter tipped forward and smashed its rotor blades on the tarmac at CFB Shearwater in Halifax.

The air force released a statement on Friday saying that there are no airworthiness issues affecting the other Sea Kings.

The RCAF says it's continuing its investigation to determine what caused the incident that occurred July 15.

Nobody was injured in the mishap.

The fleet of Sea Kings mark 50 years of service this year, but it could take another two years for Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. to deliver CH-148 Cyclones that have been ordered to replace them.

The air force statement said it remains confident in the half century old Sea Kings.

"Our confidence in the Sea King remains high and our crew members are looking forward to resuming the many important missions they conduct every day," Lt.-Col. James Hawthorne, Commander of 12 Wing Shearwater, said in the statement.