REGINA -- The Saskatchewan government has introduced amendments to legislation that would allow landlords to decide on tenants' marijuana use inside rental units.

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2017 will give landlords the right to create rules against possessing, selling and using marijuana inside the rental property, including the growing of plants.

As of July 1, it will be legal in Canada to buy and use marijuana; the federal government also says people should be allowed to grow up to four plants per household and has set the minimum age at 18.

Justice Minister Don Morgan says the amendments address concerns of landlords about the legalization of cannabis.

The amendment also plans to repeal the provision that requires a tenant to deposit half of a month's rent with the Court of Queen's Bench when appealing an eviction hearing decision.

The tenant will continue to pay rent to the landlord until the conclusion of the appeal.

"Through this legislation, government is ensuring that the balance between landlords' and tenants' rights is maintained," Morgan said in a news release.

As well, if the amendments are passed, landlords will be able to dispose of abandoned goods if the value does not exceed $1,500 without obtaining an order from the Office of Residential Tenancies.