A Saskatchewan doctor is facing nearly a dozen disciplinary charges, including allegations that he had sex with several patients and prescribed a large amount of opioids to one of them.

Dr. Josias Furstenberg, a general practitioner who had been working at the Victoria Square Medical Centre in Prince Albert, Sask., is accused of having sex with five different patients and attempting to kiss another patient, who was also his tenant.

The 11 charges of unprofessional conduct against Dr. Furstenberg, posted online by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, also allege that he prescribed “large quantities of opioids” over a long period of time to one of the patients he allegedly had sex with.

Dr. Furstenberg is also accused of improperly accessing someone’s health information and improperly disclosing personal health information of one of his patients, among other charges.

The charges against Dr. Furstenberg are disciplinary, not criminal, and none of them have been proven.  There has been no hearing yet before the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan’s discipline committee to determine whether the allegations against him are true.

Dr. Furstenberg also advertised his acupuncture and “natural health” services on a website that refers to him as “Dr. Jof.” His website says he came to Canada in 2005 from South Africa to “pursue his dream.”