Saskatoon police are investigating the explosion of what they are calling an “improvised explosive device” near the doors of the provincial courthouse in the city.

Insp. Randy Huisman of the Saskatoon Police says that investigators do not believe the explosion, which occurred just after 11 p.m. Wednesday, is “linked to any type of international terrorist activity.”

However, Insp. Huisman told reporters on Thursday, that police have not ruled out that the explosion may have been “a domestic terrorism incident.”

Insp. Huisman said that, as far as improvised explosive devices are concerned, this one “would be considered on the low end.” Although damage occurred, no injuries have been reported.

Logan Tufts, owner of The Woods Ale House, told CTV Saskatoon that he witnessed the explosion and it shook him.

“It was really loud,” he said, adding that the explosion caused a fire that “just got bigger and bigger.”

Saskatoon City Councillor Hilary Gough said she was biking by the courthouse Wednesday and saw a fire that was “maybe a foot tall.”

She said the fire “was burning consistently so it wasn’t looking like it was going to burn itself out.”

The court house was open for business Thursday, although one damaged entrance was closed and there was a heightened police presence.

Insp. Huisman said that a “drinking establishment” about a block away from the court house was shut down after the incident as police investigated. He said he is not aware of any suspects.

Insp. Huisman said police do not have any reason to believe the incident is connected to previous cases of suspicious packages found in the city, although police are not ruling that out.

Insp. Huisman said that he encourages the public “to be aware but not be afraid” and that anyone who may have relevant information should contact police or Crime Stoppers.

With a report from CTV Saskatoon’s Angelina Irinici