“I do… not believe the deal we got on our car insurance!”

A Saskatchewan couple will share their wedding day in November with close friends and friendly businesses, after signing up several sponsors to help them pay for the event in exchange for shout-outs during the ceremony.

Jason Mielke and Rebecca Hansen, of Moose Jaw, Sask., say they’ve managed to get sponsors for many elements of the wedding, including the wedding dress, the cake, the flowers and the photography. And they’re not done, either.

“I’m open to putting a logo on the back of my tux or suit jacket,” Mielke told CTV’s Your Morning on Monday. However, there’ll be no ads on Hansen’s dress, he said.

Mielke came up with the idea to have the wedding sponsored after he lost his job in the oil and gas industry in January. He says he told Hansen: “I still want to give you the dream wedding that you’ve always wanted.”

The couple sat on the idea for nearly a year before deciding to go all-in on the sponsorship idea.

“I was a little hesitant, just because I usually keep pretty low-key in the community,” Hansen told Your Morning. “However, Jason has been pursuing me for quite some time… so I thought, what a wonderful match if we could do something like this together and bring everybody on board at the beginning of our life story?”

Mielke and Hansen have 10 sponsors featured on their wedding website, but they say they’ve also received donations from businesses and individuals who want to remain anonymous. 

“We realize that there’s lots of floods and fires and tornadoes, and we really appreciate that and are humbled by that, but we’ve had lots of storms in our lives too,” Mielke said.

He added that the couple isn’t looking to have million-dollar wedding.

“We’re just looking for an intimate sacred ceremony,” he said.