Why order a grilled cheese sandwich in a restaurant, when you can catch one falling from the sky?

That’s exactly what Montrealers in the city’s Mile End neighbourhood were thinking Sunday night when they signed up to have their dinner dropped down to them.

Gathering where X marked the spot, hungry patrons looked to the heavens for delicious floating sandwiches, courtesy of the aptly-named Australian pop-up restaurant, Jafflechutes.

For those who don’t already know, a “jaffle” is what a grilled cheese is called Down Under.

Originally from Melbourne, Jafflechutes describes itself as the first “float-down eatery.” It rains meals down on customers by way of a home-made parachute that recipients can then catch, unwrap and enjoy.

The company has brought their catch-and-eat plan to Canada in order to expand their unique sandwich-selling business to other parts of the world. They also did drop recently in Brooklyn, and plan to visit more North American cities in the future.

There’s no Jafflechutes storefront. Rather, interested sandwich-eaters place an order online and then wait for the drop location to be revealed on social media. Often, the company drops from a local balcony also scouted out using social media.

In Montreal, after choosing one of three topping choices -- poutine anyone? -- customers paid for their sandwiches via PayPal, and selected a time between 7-8 p.m. on Sunday to pluck their sandwich from the sky.

That is, if it didn’t get stuck in a tree or tangled in power lines during its descent.

The idea might seem silly from a business perspective, but Jafflechutes is more about delivering food in an unconventional way than it is about turning a profit.

“We believe that even a secondary focus on money-making would distract from our goal of creating environments of fun and discovery,” says the company’s crowd-funding website.

The parachutes that lower the sandwiches to safety are handmade, and the sandwich ingredients are bought locally.

But what about the unlucky individuals who lost their jafflechute on a ledge or in a tree? Not to worry, a replacement was dropped for them … hopefully with better aim.