TORONTO -- A Toronto jury that will decide the fate of a police officer accused in the shooting death of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim watched several videos of the incident Wednesday showing the teen crumple to the floor of an empty streetcar.

It marked the first time the trial of Const. James Forcillo has seen footage of Yatim's death.

Forcillo has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and attempted murder in the shooting, which sparked public outrage in the city.

Crown prosecutors have said they plan to prove that Forcillo's actions during the incident were neither necessary nor reasonable. Forcillo's lawyer has said he will be arguing that the officer's actions were justified and carried out in self-defence.

The jury has also been told an autopsy found Yatim had consumed the drug ecstasy before he boarded the streetcar where he died.

In court, the jury watched four silent videos -- taken from cameras inside the streetcar -- that collectively show much of the incidents that led to his death. Two of the videos captured Yatim in his final moments.

Yatim boarded the streetcar around 11:45 p.m. on July 26, 2013, according to the time stamp on the videos. About 15 minutes later, he lay on the floor of the vehicle, his body convulsing after the first shots were fired.

Yatim can be seen getting on the vehicle wearing a baseball cap and holding a backpack, he pays his fare and walks to the back where he takes a seat and stretches his legs out into the aisle.

Four females can later be seen sitting at the back of the streetcar near Yatim and about ten minutes after he boarded the vehicle, a video shows him suddenly darting forward and swiping a small knife at one of the females.

All four videos from inside the streetcar show passengers rushing to the front of the vehicle in panic, pouring out of its doors as soon as it stops, while Yatim can be seen following the crowd holding the knife in front of him in his right hand.

In one of the videos it becomes clear that Yatim is holding his penis in one hand and the knife in the other as he walks forward.

Yatim can then be seen yelling through the front doors, waving his hands, though he remains on the streetcar and continues holding the knife.

At one point he is seen talking with the streetcar driver, who first walks down the vehicle steps, then backs up again to talk with Yatim for some time and only darts off when Yatim moves quickly towards the vehicle doors, still holding the knife.

At that point, two police officers can be seen arriving, both with their guns drawn but one of them puts away her weapon shortly after.

The video taken from near the front doors then shows Yatim in some sort of exchange with police while one officer has his gun pointed at the teen, who is still holding the knife out in front of him.

Yatim can been seen taking a few steps backwards and then two steps forward before the officer fires three times. Yatim's body collapses, hits the driver's seat and falls to the ground, where he twitches repeatedly, one video shows.

Video also shows the officer who shot Yatim fire again, while the youth's body continues to convulse. Another officer can then be seen arriving seconds after the bullets are fired and he discharges a Taser towards Yatim.

That officer is then seen rushing up the streetcar steps and kicking something out of view -- the jury has been told a sergeant kicked away the knife that was in Yatim's hand.

Officers can then be seen rushing onto the streetcar to attend to Yatim.

The jury has been told the standoff between Forcillo and Yatim lasted about 50 seconds, during which the officer shouted repeated commands for Yatim to drop his knife.

When Yatim refused, the jury has heard that Forcillo fired three bullets which hit Yatim in the heart, spine and arm, and then, after about five seconds, Forcillo fired another six bullets, five of which hit the teen while he was on the floor.