Canada Post has stopped delivering mail to an east Vancouver neighbourhood after a mail carrier was bitten several times by a local man’s feisty crow.

Canuck the crow lives in east Vancouver and is regularly seen with his caretaker Shawn Bergman during the day.

According to Bergman, the bird attacked the neighbourhood mail carrier, causing broken skin and bleeding on more than one occasion. The mail has subsequently stopped arriving for Bergman and a few nearby neighbours, he says.

Bergman told CTV National the attacks stem from Canuck’s need to protect his nest. He says he can’t do anything to control the bird’s behaviour.

“He does his own thing,” said Bergman, who’s offered to work with Canada Post to help deal with the situation.

Bergman told CTV News that he’s willing to provide training and an umbrella for mail carriers.

The protective nature of the bird is also ruffling few local feathers

“My neighbours are starting to get upset that their mail is not getting delivered,” Bergman said.

Some neighbours have even threatened the safety of Canuck.

“One had said to Canada Post: ‘What happens if I get rid of the crow?’” said Bergman.

But not all neighbours harbour malicious sentiments towards the bird. Some have come to Canuck’s defence.

“I don't see him attack anything. He's always trying to say hi,” said one local. “I never had a bad experience.”

To others, Canuck is a local celebrity with a following of more than 55,000 people on Facebook.

He is best known for mischief. Last year he allegedly snatched a knife from a crime scene, dropping it a short while later. He is also known to ride the local transit system with his owner.

“He’s just a fixture in the neighbourhood and it would be a sad thing to not have him around,” said Bergman.

Canada Post has not commented on the situation when asked about the bird by CTV.

With files from CTV’s Julie Nolin