Ontario MPPs have passed new legislation named for an Ottawa-area high school rugby player who died in 2013 after suffering multiple concussions.

“Rowan’s Law” will establish a committee to work on the 49 recommendations made after the coroner’s inquest into 17-year-old Rowan Stringer’s death.

The recommendations include education for student athletes, parents and teachers, as well as guidelines to ensure a child is removed from play and properly treated if a concussion is suspected.

Rowan’s father, Gordon Stringer, told CTV News Channel on Tuesday that the coroner’s inquest had determined his daughter’s death was preventable.

“Hearing that is pretty hard as a parent, but it’s motivated us to move ahead with trying to make these 49 well thought-out recommendations come to fruition,” he said.

“We certainly would not want to have another child experience the tragic result that Rowan had.”

Stringer said concussions are a great concern for many parents, but everyone agrees that an active, healthy lifestyle is important for youth.

 “We just have to make sure that they play smart and play safe,” he said.

The law passed with all-party support.