Most Toronto transit riders are probably used to the occasional delay, but they probably weren’t expecting to have their Friday morning commute interrupted by one of the city’s most notorious bandits.

A small raccoon wandering the tracks on the Toronto Transit Commission’s Yonge-University subway line caused quite the stir Friday morning when it held up a busy southbound train.

An announcer told passengers aboard the train that they were delayed because a raccoon was walking in front of them on the tracks and they didn’t want “to run him over,” according to a few riders who tweeted about the experience.

Eventually, the troublesome trespasser made its way to Bloor Station where special constables made a “humane capture” on the platform at around 9:30 a.m., TTC spokesperson Brad Ross tweeted on Friday morning.

Although it was prevented from boarding a train and continuing on its journey, the little raccoon was at least treated to some pizza while it waited in a garbage bin in the TTC’s Bloor Station offices, Ross said.

After its lunch, the critter could be seen sitting in a cage before its departure in a photo shared by Ross.

“The #TTCtrashpanda has left the building. Thanks for riding buddy. Don’t make it a habit,” he tweeted.

Ross wasn’t the only one having fun with the unexpected commuter.

Toronto Mayor John Tory speculated about the raccoon’s motives in a tweet that morning.

City Coun. Janet Davis thanked TTC staff for their efforts during Friday’s council meeting and a few Twitter users already suggested a new nickname for the raccoon: “Rocket,” after the TTC trains themselves.

It’s still unclear whether the roving raccoon paid the required fare. Maybe it had a Presto card?