Abbotsford police have released shocking video of an impaired driver plowing into six pedestrians, in an effort to raise awareness for Canada Road Safety Week.

The video shows security footage of a Mustang running a red light and striking six young people at a marked crosswalk, before hitting a pickup truck. The car hits the truck on the front left wheel, tipping it up into the air in a shower of sparks.

The end of the video shows a shoe from one of the pedestrians tumbling in the foreground.

"Planning on drinking this weekend? Planning for a safe ride home?" the video captions say. "Or just waiting for the shoe to drop?"

One person was hospitalized and no one was killed in the collision, which occurred in September 2015. Everyone involved in the incident was under the age of 21.

The driver was convicted of fleeing the scene and driving with a blood alcohol content higher than 0.08.

Police say they received permission from the victims to share the video online.

"I applaud them for releasing that video because that's real life," said Markita Kaulius, whose daughter Kassandra was killed in an impaired driving collision six years ago.

Const. Ian MacDonald said impaired driving remains a challenge on Canada's roads. "It still creates carnage, and it's still one of the reasons that we need to focus on road safety."

With files from CTV Vancouver