TORONTO -- Seniors at the Alderwood Estates retirement home in Witless Bay, N.L. have brought the thrill of Halloween scares to local children after turning their residence into a haunted house.

Climbing into a coffin may seem a little macabre for a senior citizen, but for 91-year-old Teresa Lawrence – who donned a white dress and Halloween makeup – it was a chance to show her “daredevil” side.

“I’m fearless,” said Lawrence on CTV’s News Channel Thursday. She has been at the home since February.

“Everyone [the residents] enjoyed it immensely, everyone was just marvelous, everyone was right in the mood,” she said, adding that the children attending the haunted house kept trying to determine if she had “passed on” or was sleeping.

“They’d pull my hair, pinch my face…shake my shoulders, and I had to still make like I was dead,” she said.

Lawrence said the idea for the haunted house and “all the credit” goes to their recreation director Rene, who she described as “out of this world…she looks after everything.”