Officials in Winnipeg have launched an internal review after a two-year-old rescue dog named Greta was shot and killed on an airport runway Monday.

The Golden Lab mix escaped from its kennel and bolted onto the tarmac around 4:30 p.m. Planes were forced to divert their path and at least one aborted a landing.

"The dog ran across the active runway, which caused a flight coming in from Las Vegas to be diverted. It had to abort its landing,” said Tyler MacAfee, Winnipeg Airports Authority spokesman.

The dog, which was being shipped as cargo by the Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue company, was contained on the other side of the air field for a time. But as Greta circled back toward the runway, wildlife control officers decided to act.

“We had to make the difficult decision in that instance to use lethal force on the dog,” said MacAfee.

The Airports Authority has launched an internal review into the incident to learn how exactly Greta got out of her crate and what techniques were used to try to capture the animal without lethal force, but MacAfee noted the wildlife management plan is consistent with other airports across the country.

The Manitoba Mutts group expressed their sadness, saying that the incident was outside the norm.

“It’s certainly rare for a pet to get out in a situation like this,” agreed MacAfee. Typically when an animal gets out, they’re captured quickly.