TORONTO -- Canadians who are receiving income from the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) must reapply for another four weeks of benefits.

CERB offers $500 per week for Canadians who’ve lost work due to the COVID-19 pandemic up to a maximum of 16 weeks, but recipients must confirm their eligibility for the program every four weeks.

The renewal payments are not automatic, meaning anyone who applied for CERB between April 6 and April 10 will need to reapply for the benefit. 

For the upcoming wave of payments, CERB recipients born in January, February or March can begin applying on May 11, those born in April, May or June can begin to apply on May 12, those born in July, August or September can begin on May 13 and those born in October, November or December can begin their application on May 14, according to the Canada Revenue Agency website.

To qualify for the benefit, Canadians must be at least 15 years of age and have been forced out of work due to the pandemic. They must also have earned at least $5,000 in the previous calendar year and now expect to make less than $1,000 per month while collecting the CERB payments.

Recipients can reapply for the benefit either online or by calling 1 (800) 959-2019.

Those receiving the benefit through Service Canada must fill out their EI Report Card to receive the payment.


A previous version of this story gave an incorrect phone number for reapplying for CERB. The correct phone number is 1 (800) 959-2019.