After camping out in line for three days, at times in the pouring rain, a diehard Toronto Raptors fan’s patience paid off when she won tickets to watch Monday night’s big playoff game inside the arena.

Angie Taylor and her friend Tyler Seaton were the first people who lined up for entry into Jurassic Park -- the outdoor fanzone beside the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto – for Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Raptors and the Golden State Warriors.

In fact, the pair hadn’t even finished watching Game 4 in Jurassic Park on Friday night before they grabbed their belongings and headed to line up for the next one.

Armed with a tent, a butane stove, and a cooler filled with groceries, the pair from Cambridge, Ont. waited in line from approximately 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning until Monday, when they were treated to a surprise by the grocery chain Sobey’s.

Taylor said she couldn’t believe it when a representative from the company handed them, and two other fans, a pair of tickets to the game while they were camped out in the rain on Monday.

“I was actually really shocked and I was happy at the same time,” she told CTV News Channel on Tuesday. “Sobey’s had handed me the tickets to go inside to enjoy the rest of the night. It was really exciting.”

Although she said she didn’t care if she watched the game from inside or outside of the arena, Taylor said the energy inside was “totally different” than what she experienced in Jurassic Park on Friday.

“It was crazy,” Taylor said. “Everybody was up cheering, like everyone in the entire arena.”

Despite the Raptors falling short by only one point, Taylor said the game was exciting to watch.

“It was a really good game right up until the last point,” she said. “We only lost by a point, like one point, so they still played very well.”

As for her plans for Thursday night’s Game 6, Taylor said she’ll watch it from home with her sons.

That doesn’t mean, however, that she’s opposed to camping out in line for Jurassic Park again… just so long as it’s not raining.

“I would, but not when it’s raining,” Taylor said.