A judge in Saskatoon says the popular videogame Candy Crush was likely one of the reasons a man shot and killed his neighbour's dog.

The provincial court judge says he didn't believe Eugene Krawchuk's testimony during the trial that he shot his neighbour's St. Bernard puppy, Bentley, because it was attacking his livestock.

“I don’t think they know how much they’ve destroyed our family,” Michael Price told CTV News. “There’s been a lot of tears.”

The judge said Thursday it was likely that Krawchuk shot Bentley last April for three reasons: the dog interrupted a game of Candy Crush, the dog was trespassing, and there were tensions between the Krawchuk and Price families.

“I’m just fed up with bullies,” Price said. “That’s all they are, they’re bullies.”

Krawchuk was found guilty of shooting a dog without lawful excuse and possessing an unlicenced firearm. He was sentenced to 12 months probation.

He was, however, found not guilty for careless use of a firearm and destroying the dog other than in a prescribed manner.

Krawchuk’s wife Laurie Krawchuck was also found guilty of possessing a firearm without a licence, but she was given a conditional discharge.

The Price family told CTV News they wished Krawchuk had been found guilty for careless use of a firearm, but were happy with the sentence issued by the judge.

Candy Crush Saga was the most downloaded free app on Apple’s Canadian iTunes store in 2013, beating out Facebook, Google Maps and YouTube.

 According to parent company King Digital Entertainment PLC, 93 million users were playing the game every day in December.

With files from CTV Saskatoon and the Canadian Press