A Stony Plain, Alta., home is a popular destination around Halloween.

The front yard of Cindy Ducharme's home is transformed into a scene from the popular television series "The Walking Dead," featuring dozens of zombies, a chain-link fence and, new to this year's display, a prison watch-tower manned by none other than Rick Grimes.

"Everybody's going crazy over this," Ducharme said of the watch-tower. "This is pretty cool."

In exchange for a charitable donation for the local food bank, neighbours are invited to tour the display. The spectacle has been a popular destination in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

But the addition of the watch-tower this year has raised concern among some neighbours and municipal officials.

Ducharme's husband built the wooden tower himself, and some residents have questioned the safety of the structure.

Following a visit from a municipal safety officer, Ducharme was told that a permit was required, which she said would have cost her about $1,000.

In an effort to keep the display intact, Ducharme turned to Facebook for help.

Local realtor Ken Morrison offered to cover the costs, saying that he was impressed by the family's support of the food bank.

Ducharme told CTV Edmoton that she's still in the process of getting the paperwork approved by town officials, and an engineer will have to inspect the structure.

But she says regardless of whether the tower has to come down or not, "we can still have fun."

With a report from CTV Edmonton