Ontario Provincial Police are turning to the public for help identifying a “motorcycle mob” accused of dangerous acts on southern Ontario highways over the August long weekend.

Police say a large group of motorcyclists were “rallying together” to perform “stunts” on highways 409, 427, 401 and 403, as well as the Q.E.W., Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway on Sunday afternoon. They say they received multiple complaints about the motorcyclists’ antics, which included “driving in a dangerous manner” and “performing all sorts of stunts,” according to OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.

A police plane recorded some of the dangerous antics, which were also recorded on videos that were shared on social media sites.

“This is a completely irresponsible activity and behaviour that we don’t ever want to see happen,” Schmidt said.

“Had there been a collision, had someone gotten hurt or someone gotten killed, we’re in the range of criminal negligence,” he added.

One video shows dozens of bikers stopped on the Gardiner Expressway while a person stands on a median and another stands on a motorcycle seat.

Another video, sent to CTV Toronto, shows a biker popping a wheelie while driving beside regular traffic. A woman in the vehicle that recorded that video says the bikers have their licence plates hidden.

Schmidt said many of the deadly collisions the OPP have dealt with in recent weeks have been crashes where vehicles run into slowing or stopped traffic.

He encouraged anyone involved to get a lawyer and come forward, as he says it’s only “a matter of time” until police identify them.

“We will aggressively and relentlessly go after these folks for as long as it takes,” he said. “We are coming.”

With files from CTV Toronto and Josh Dehaas