MIAMI - Miami police are saying little about an apparent drug deal gone bad that left a 17-year-old son of the Canadian consul dead and her 15-year-old son facing serious charges.

Jean Wabafiyebazu was killed Monday after the boys reportedly drove their mother's BMW -- with diplomatic plates -- to the scene of the crime.

Local media reports say Marc Wabafiyebazu waited outside with the vehicle and gunfire broke out inside the adjacent apartment complex.

Their mother -- Roxanne Dube -- served as ambassador to Zimbabwe from 2005 to 2008 and began her Miami posting as Canada's consul general only six weeks ago.

A police report quotes unidentified witnesses as saying Anthony Rodriguez brought two pounds of marijuana to the house and began to negotiate, but two people ended up being killed in an exchange of gunfire.

Marc Wabafiyebazu faces charges of threatening a police officer while in custody for allegedly saying he would shoot a detective in the head.