Police are urging anyone who discovers suspicious Halloween candy to come forward, after a sewing needle and a razor blade were found in two separate treats collected in the Winnipeg area.

Police hope more reports could reveal a pattern, which may lead to suspects.

Annamarie Born told CTV Winnipeg she was shocked to discover a sewing needle lodged in a chocolate bar one of her daughters collected while trick-or-treating.

"My other daughter bit into it and said something poked her, and she spit it on the floor," Born said.

Born picked up the chocolate bar and found a sewing needle inside it. At first glance, the packaging and the chocolate appeared normal, but upon closer inspection she could detect a small hole in the candy bar where the needle could have been inserted.

Luckily, her daughter wasn't hurt, but Born said she’s still in shock.

"It's disturbing that somebody would actually do this to children's candy," she said.

Born and her children were trick-or-treating in the area of North Kildonan. Residents there said they're disgusted that something like this could happen in their neighbourhood.

"Well it's horrible, I mean why does someone have to do that," resident Betty Ann Roy said.

Police said while these types of incidents are uncommon, they're not unheard of. Over the weekend, RCMP responded to a similar situation in Selkirk.

Const. Paul Human said that a child in that neighbourhood also found a dangerous item in a piece of candy.

"It was a Starburst candy, and the wrapper was open and then on the inside there was a razor blade," Human said.

A photo of the candy and the razor blade was posted online by the young girl's father. Luckily, the girl spotted the blade before taking a bite, and wasn't hurt.

With a report from CTV Winnipeg's Rahim Ladhani