OTTAWA -- Police say a car found submerged in the Ottawa River with a body inside may be linked to a missing woman.

Ottawa police Sgt. Doug Mirau says the licence plate on the Dodge Dart matches one owned by Donna Graves, 61, who along with her son Daron, 29, were reported missing Friday.

Mirau says divers located the vehicle Saturday night after officers spotted signs it had plunged through the ice, such as tire tracks leading toward the frozen river and debris scattered on the ice itself.

Mirau says divers are battling winter weather as they try to recover both the car and the body it carries.

He says Sunday's -20 degree temperature complicated things and icy roads made it difficult to bring in a crane to haul the car to shore.

The recovery operation was suspended Sunday evening and will resume Monday.

"It's a very treacherous and very difficult process. They have to be very careful on each stage of the operation," Mirau said.