A Quebec man who was seen in public wearing a shirt with an anti-gay message has been charged with mischief and uttering death threats.

Last month, 18-year-old Julien Clement was spotted at Saunders Farm, an outdoor attraction near Ottawa, wearing a shirt with a slogan that read: “If you are gay don’t approch me. I’ll kill you (sic).”

Staff at Saunders Farm were notified, however they said that Clement had left before staff were able to do approach him.

In an interview with CTV Ottawa days later, Clement defended his shirt, saying “I hate gays for real.”

A picture of Clement wearing the shirt at the farm was posted on social media, where it sparked a firestorm online.

The GLBT Liaison Committee, which works with Ottawa police, condemned the message, calling it “disturbing.”

In a statement released Friday, Ottawa police said they received several complaints about Clement and his shirt, which prompted an investigation.

Clement will appear in court on Dec. 12.