Police in Nova Scotia say a pair of suspicious women entering a home outside Halifax were from a cleaning company that had mistakenly tidied the wrong house.

On the afternoon of Oct. 16, police were called to a home in Upper Tantallon, N.S., about 27 kilometres west of Halifax, after the homeowner received word from a neighbour that two strangers were in the house.

Following an investigation, officers determined the house was left unlocked for a neighbour to walk the dog, but two cleaners with the wrong address had entered and cleaned the home. The two cleaners left without knowing they had cleaned the wrong house.

“Typically when we hear of somebody having their house cleaned, we think it’s cleaned out,” Nova Scotia RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Dal Hutchinson said in a phone interview with CTVNews.ca.

“In this case it’s very rare.”

Nova Scotia RCMP is commending the neighbour for being so observant and is reminding the public to keep their doors locked at all times.

“At the end of the day, hopefully the homeowners learn a valuable lesson here, but at the same time, their house was cleaned for free,” Hutchinson said.