This “gay” sweater is unusual in every way, right down to its colourful buttons.

For one, it’s made entirely of human hair, from the heads of Canadians in the LGBTQ community. Two, it’s a garment that doubles as an educational tool, aimed at ending the use of homophobic expressions, such as: “That’s so gay.”

The sweater, designed by the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, is making its debut at Toronto Fashion Week. To the centre’s founder, Jeremy Dias, it’s the only thing that can rightfully be called the “gayest sweater in the whole entire world.”

In fact, he says, “It’s the only gay object in the entire world.”

Dias says the cardigan is meant to draw attention to prejudice and how the term “gay” is used in a negative way.

“How is it that we’ve legislated equal rights but we haven’t showed people how to be more respectful?” Dias said. “How is it that subtle forms of homophobia and transphobia are still in our society?”

To help combat prejudice, the sweater will now travel to schools, businesses and museums across Canada.

The sweater also made its debut on social media Tuesday, where it got mostly positive reviews:

With a report from CTV Toronto's Scott Lightfoot