HALIFAX -- A Transportation Safety Board report says a helicopter pilot overlooked guy wires as he lifted off in Labrador, leading to a crash that killed a passenger.

The report released today says the pilot and two passengers had flown into an area southwest of Rigolet on July 30, 2015, to do site maintenance at remote microwave tower installations.

When they were done, the report says the helicopter lifted off from a helipad and struck one of the tower's outer guy wires with the main rotor, causing the aircraft to smash to the ground and rest on its side.

The helicopter was destroyed, while one person was killed and the pilot suffered serious injuries.

The board says its investigation determined that the pilot did not note the outer guy wires and did not include them in the departure plan, resulting in "degraded situational awareness."

It says the helipad at Moliak has since been moved outside the circumference of the wire's anchor points and other Labrador tower sites have been reviewed to identify hazards.