A handful of individuals in B.C. firefighter uniforms are taking some heat after images surfaced of them enjoying a campfire, despite the wildfire-stricken province’s sweeping open-fire ban.

The images show several individuals in red B.C. Wildfire Service uniforms standing around a bonfire at the edge of a lake, with a large pile of chopped firewood logs nearby. One of the images being shared shows a clear, fully-centered shot of a “NO CAMPFIRES” sign on a nearby tree. Another shows a firefighter eating what appears to be pizza.

The images were originally posted on Facebook.

Officials have not indicated who the individuals in the photos are, or who took them.

The B.C. Wildfire Service says the fire ban applies to everyone, and that it is looking into the images.

B.C. has declared a province-wide state of emergency with nearly 200 wildfires burning in the region, primarily in the central and southern Interior. Thousands have been displaced and fire crews have been called in from across the country to help control the flames.