Health officials are warning patients who were treated by a man posing as a dentist in Surrey, B.C., that they may have been exposed to hepatitis B and C, HIV and blood-borne infections.

An investigation by the province's College of Dental Surgeons revealed that Valentyn Uvarov was operating a dental clinic without a valid licence.

In a statement released on Monday, Fraser Health warned that people who received treatment at his clinic may have been exposed to non-sterile material.

The College of Dental Surgeons' investigation found "concerning infection prevention and control practices" at Uvarov's clinic, including the re-use of anesthetic containers.

Anyone who received treatment from Uvarov is advised to see a doctor or call the B.C. Nurses line at 811.

Two years ago, Tung Sheng Wu, who is also from B.C., was sentenced to three months in jail for defying a court order to stop practising dentistry in 2003.

Wu was on the run for months, fleeing to Ontario after it was revealed that he had been treating patients without a licence in a Metro Vancouver home under unhygienic conditions.