Today's shootings in Ottawa are the latest in a long history of major security breaches near the seat of government in Canada's capital. Here's a look at ten other incidents:

Oct. 1970: The FLQ kidnaps British Trade Commissioner James Cross and Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte.

April 1982: Turkish envoy Atilla Altikat is shot and killed by a gunman while driving to work in Ottawa.

March 1985: A siege at the Turkish Embassy left security guard Claude Brunnel dead.

April 1989: A Lebanese-Canadian armed man hijacks a Greyhound bus and drives it to Parliament Hill. The eight-hour hostage taking ends with no casualties.

Nov. 1995: An armed intruder slipped into the bedroom door at 24 Sussex Drive while Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his wife were sleeping. Chretien grabbed an Inuit stone carving for protection and called for help.

1997: A man stopped just short of crashing a Jeep into the doors of the Centre Block after driving up the steps.

Dec. 2002: A security guard was caught napping when a grenade was delivered to the Prime Minister's office.

2006: The Toronto 18 terror group plotted to blow up the Toronto Stock Exchange, a military base and storm the Parliament buildings to behead the Prime Minister. Eleven jihadists were later convicted.

Dec. 2009: Greenpeace demonstrators climbed to the top of two Parliament Buildings and unfurled banners protesting the oilsands.

Oct. 2013: A man was taken into custody after a bomb threat to the Parliament Buildings.