A London, Ont. man says he was humiliated after being kicked out of a Tim Hortons because of his three-wheeled scooter wheelchair.

Graham Glanville, 38, became paralyzed from the waist down after being involved in a violent car crash when he was just 15 years old.

He went to buy coffee at Tim Hortons last week, but he said he was told to leave by a server when she spotted his wheelchair.

“(She) just made me get up and walk out of my wheelchair, (she) just embarrassed me,” Glanville told CTV London. “And (she) kicked me out of Tim Hortons because I was in this.”

After being forced to leave, Glanville made his way back into the store on foot by holding on to the walls.

A female customer then intervened, explaining to the server that Glanville had a disability.

“She’s a wonderful lady, don’t know her, never seen her before, but she’s a wonderful lady,” Glanville said.

The customer also took a smartphone video, which shows Glanville being assisted out of the store by the same server who asked him to leave. 

The server later apologized and said she mistook Glanville’s wheelchair for a regular electric scooter.

Meanwhile, Michael Dawthorne, chair of London’s accessibility advisory committee, said mobility devices do not require accessibility symbols to be considered wheelchairs.

With files from CTV London’s Brian Bicknell