OTTAWA -- Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae is packing up his office as he prepares to hand over the reins of the party to a new leader.

Yesterday marked Rae's final meeting with the Liberal caucus as the party's caretaker boss.

By the time the House of Commons resumes in mid-April, someone else will have the job of Liberal leader and the office that goes with it.

But Rae says while he'll have new office space and a new seat in the Commons, he has no intention of disappearing.

Rae says he'll remain in the House of Commons as an M-P even after a new Liberal leader is chosen.

He says he's proud of the two years he spent at the helm of the party and believes he is leaving it in better shape than he found it, both financially and in terms of morale.

The Liberals are scheduled to announce the results of their leadership contest April 14th.