They’re not lawyers yet, but they’ve already raised their first objection.

Common law students at the University of Ottawa are petitioning their school to change the date of their convocation, arguing that holding the ceremony on June 16 cuts into time they could use to study for the Ontario bar exam, which takes place two days later.

“A lot of students that are writing the bar outside of Ottawa won’t be able to attend and a lot of people won’t have their friends and family come to convocation when they need to be studying,” student Cullen Schreiter told CTV Ottawa.

School dean Adam Dodek says he understands the “unfortunate situation” the students are in and will look to see if anything can be done – although it may be difficult, given the school has already scheduled all of its graduation ceremonies for a four-day period and booked a venue for all of them.

Schreiter said he does not plan to attend the ceremony or ever donate money to the school if the date is not changed.