Canadian officials say they are in contact with authorities in Cambodia after a Canadian expat living in Siem Reap went missing last week.

Journalist and screenwriter Dave Walker was last seen leaving a guesthouse in Siem Reap on Feb. 14.

According to a Facebook page called “Find Dave Walker,” he left behind a phone, passport and laptop.

Friend Peter Vronsky told The Canadian Press that he was told that Walker left his room at the guesthouse with only a bottle of water and didn’t return.

In an email to, a spokesperson for the minister of state for Foreign Affairs said “our thoughts are with the family of a missing Canadian in Cambodia.”

“Canadian consular and law enforcement officials are in contact with local authorities in Cambodia to gather additional information,” the spokesperson said.

Citing privacy of the “individual concerned,” the spokesperson said no additional information could be provided.

An online article in the Phnom Penh Post posted Wednesday said police are investigating Walker’s disappearance. Local authorities told the newspaper that the Australian Embassy contacted them about the case. The embassy does consular work in Cambodia on behalf of Canada.

A business partner of Walker’s who usually saw him on a daily basis told the newspaper that he believes “something is wrong.”

“I don’t think he would just leave, with his phone on the charger, and go somewhere,” Sonny Chhoun told the newspaper.

Chhoun also said he has been checking Walker’s usual hangouts, but no one has seen him.

In addition to the Facebook page, concerned friends and colleagues have also started posting on Twitter, using the hashtag “Find Dave Walker” in effort to draw attention to the disappearance.