What started out as a routine car rental turned into a lesson about the importance of not leaving electronic key fobs in unoccupied vehicles, according to police in Cornwall, Ont..

In a Facebook post from July 8, Cornwall Community Police Service said a woman rented a black Nissan Sentra from a rental company in late June. After getting the car, she stopped off at a nearby Walmart to shop, before returning to the parking lot, hopping in a black car and driving home.

Shortly afterwards, Cornwall police received a call from a man who left Walmart only to find his car, a black Infiniti, missing from the parking lot.

She used the car for two weeks, going about her daily activities normally; seemingly unaware that the car she was in was not the one she had rented.

The first clue something was wrong came when she went to return the car to the rental agency. According to police, she complained to the manager about the state of the car, saying that the inside was poorly cleaned and that there was a set of golf clubs left in the car.

By now the manager was “slightly confused,” police say. The keys the woman had returned belonged to an Infiniti vehicle, not the Nissan she had rented. After convincing her that the vehicle was not the one she had taken from the lot, they worked to trace her steps over the past two weeks.

Together, they returned to the Walmart she had visited shortly after making the rental. The woman pointed out the area she had parked in, only to find the black Nissan Sentra still sitting there.

The manager and the woman, who police say was a “wee bit embarrassed” by this point, contacted police. They found the stolen Infiniti in their system and were able to sort out what had happened.

Though police say there was a “happy and funny ending to this story,” they say it serves as a perfect reminder not to leave key fobs in unattended vehicles.

“You never know who might take it!,” they said, adding “Folks, we just can’t make this stuff up!”