The Calypso Waterpark east of Ottawa has been criticized over alleged “racist images” contained in their ride ‘Kongo Expedition.’

The ride is set up as a lazy river, with passengers passing through several decorations that local man Robin Browne has complained are racist.

Browne said his major issue was part of the ride where users go under a giant cauldron which he says “is totally a reference to the 1950s movie where they show Africans as cannibals.”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Browne said.

Browne sent a letter of complaint to the park in early July, but as of July 18 has not received a response. 

CTV News Ottawa received a statement from the Calypso Valcartier Group Thursday, that said the park had “changed the appearance of the characters” to “eliminate some features that could be offensive” back in 2017, and that the characters were meant to appear “supernatural and magical.”

Browne’s complaint stems from his son’s visit to the park at the end of the summer last year, after the changes were made.