TORONTO -- Police in Ontario are investigating after several parents say they were scammed trying to purchase tickets to The Wiggles show through Facebook.

Ashleigh Meron and Rachel Martin are just a few of the mothers who attempted to buy tickets through Facebook for the Friday show at Centennial Hall in London, Ont.

“I’m heartbroken to be talking to all these moms impacted by this,” Martin wrote in a Facebook post on Oct. 8. “They have to tell their kids they can’t go anymore.”

According to her social media posts, Martin said about “15 moms and counting” were affected by the scam and paid up to $80 each to the alleged ticket seller.

“The day I was supposed to get the tickets I didn’t, and when I questioned her, there was a whole bunch of excuses – she was in the hospital, she didn’t have her phone on her, things like that,” Martin told CTV London. “It didn’t seem right.”

The alleged ticket seller says she was scammed after buying a block of tickets and is in the process of giving everyone a refund.