An Ontario man is spending his summer weekends attempting to paddle through 100 of Algonquin Park’s more than 1,500 lakes.

Between Victoria Day and Canada Day, Drew Czernik has already crossed 47 lakes off his list, although he says many of those were low-hanging fruit.

The 34-year-old from Ottawa says his motivation is simply to see more of the famous park, where he worked as a teenager. He’s been blogging about his trips and sharing photos on Instagram.

Czernik has made plenty of new memories, including when he and his wife found themselves just a few metres from a moose cow and her two calves.

“That was really cool, but also a little terrifying,” he said. “A moose with kids is very protective.”



Polly Lake (#30) isn't ugly. #algonquinpark #ontarioparks #pollylake #100lakesin100days #algonquinparkig

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Czernik has also discovered some awesome new camp sites, including one at Harness Lake that he says is great for swimming.

“It’s a big rock face so the actual site is about 20- to 30-feet off the water,” he said. “You can walk in, go deep if you want (and) it’s right in the sun so you’re pretty warm the whole time.”

Czernik is looking forward to making more memories on the next 53 lakes, particularly when he takes his daughter along a few weeks from now.