Ontario is raising the hourly minimum wage by 25 cents starting in October, raising the wage to the second highest in the country. 

In a statement Thursday, the Ministry of Labour said, as a result of recent changes to the Employment Standards Act the general minimum wage will increase from $11 to $11.25 per hour, effective Oct. 1.

Upgrades to the act tie the minimum wage to Statistics Canada's Consumer Price Index

Ontario and Nunavut currently pay the highest minimum wages at $11 per hour, but the minimum wage in Northwest Territories will increase to $12.50 in June.

Minimum wages in Canada are as follows (ranked from highest to lowest):

  • Northwest Territories $12.50
  • Ontario $11.25
  • Nunavut $11
  • Yukon Territory $10.72
  • Manitoba $10.70
  • Nova Scotia $10.40
  • Prince Edward Island $10.35
  • Quebec $10.35
  • New Brunswick $10.30
  • British Columbia $10.25
  • Newfoundland and Labrador $10.25
  • Alberta $10.20
  • Saskatchewan $10.20

Minimum wage rates will also increase for those working in special categories including liquor servers, homeworkers and students.

A detailed list of increases is available below: