There will be no encore for the triumphant but exhausted bands at the Earl of Whitchurch Pub in Stouffville, Ont., where a potential new world record was set Tuesday night for the world's longest live concert.

The concert began on St. Patrick's Day and wrapped up just before midnight on Tuesday, capping a 19-day marathon of virtually non-stop music. The musicians are now awaiting official recognition for what they hope is a new Guinness World Record.

In order to meet the Guinness criteria, the bands were only allowed 30-second breaks between songs and five-minute breaks to swap equipment. They also needed to play in front of at least 10 conscious (i.e. awake) audience members.

The performers passed the previous record of 372 hours and 10 minutes on Sunday morning. They also eclipsed another claim to the title out of Detroit, where a coffee shop says it hosted 390 hours of continuous music earlier this year.

The musicians say they've raised more than $90,000 for 16 different charities.