An officer with the London Police Service has been caught on camera assisting a woman struggling with bags of groceries on a bitterly cold and snowy street.

In a video posted to Twitter, the Southwestern Ontario officer can be seen helping the woman load her groceries into the trunk of his cruiser before she gets in the back seat. The video was shot Sunday afternoon.

The officer, according to the Twitter caption, “saw this woman walking on the street with her groceries.” Because of the biting cold and “the sidewalk was full of snow,” he “decided to give her a ride home.” The video was posted with hashtags #TrueCanadian and #GoodPeopleExist.

Environment Canada reported temperatures in London, Ont. hovered around -11 degrees Celsius Sunday afternoon, and felt closer to -20 with the wind chill.

Speaking to, London Police Service spokesperson Sandasha Bough identified the officer as Const. Ozzie Nethersole.

“This is just one example of where police officers go above and beyond to help others,” Bough said. “This situation happened to be caught on camera and shared via social media, but it is an example of something that happens in some way or another each and every day by police officers everywhere.”

Daniela Yepes, who posted the video on Twitter, told that she and her husband noticed the “great act of kindness” unfolding as they were leaving a parking lot and felt compelled to film it because it “grabbed (their) attention.”

“It makes people happy to see someone in public helping another human being,” Yepes said.

She hopes others can learn from the officer’s example.

“It’s a police officer who did the deed, but underneath the uniform, there is a human being and I think we can all learn from that,” she said.